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About me, Kyle Munn

Hi absolutely nobody. This enterprise SeriouslyAverageGamers is the love child of Zack and I, it started as a little idea for a subreddit for people to all give their reviews and thoughts about new games. This idea quickly developed into us deciding that we could provide a fully functioning site that would not only allow the public to give their reviews and thoughts on all things gaming but allow either of us to share our own opinions on games on how a site like this could be made/run.

We are taking the first step towards that by creating this smaller version of the site, so that we can start releasing our own reviews and articles whilst we work, in the background, to create a bespoke site that will hopefully be a much larger leap towards our end goal. The plan for the new site is to have much more complex functionality including the ability for users to also submit their own reviews and review scores. This is obviously a little ways off as we have only just launched this first basic site.

So Zack and I decided that having just started this site, it would be best to start by introducing ourselves and giving a little bit of background about ourselves, our gaming history and our plans and hopes going forward. This article will be my debut and Zack will have his own introduction here.

Now about me, I’m Kyle, I’m 26, I like Monster and there are a lot of holes in my drywall…  and I have been gaming pretty religiously for the last 2 decades. I am currently a Back End Developer working on an online fundraising platform called GivenGain. Spending almost all of my spare time either playing games, watching Anime or reading Manga (Yes I’m that guy.). I have been told by a few people, this includes Zack, that I have a problem and that maybe my addiction to games may be unhealthy. While technically they’re not wrong, in my defense meh – it works for me and let’s leave it at that.

If I were to name the 3 games that I would consider my absolute favourites, without ordering them, I’d have to say Dark Souls 3, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Persona 5. I wouldn’t say that I have any kind of favourite genre when it comes to games but I do often find myself gravitating towards games that at least have an RPG element to them like leveling, skills etc.

Now for an overview of my history with gaming, when I was very young the first “gaming” that I did was on my dad’s very old PC, the only games that I played were the free ones that came with Kellogg’s cereal. There was an Asterix and Obelisk one and a strange cowboy game that I remember. Then other than that I would sometimes use a friend’s Game Boy to play Pokemon whenever they were brought into school.

This all changed when the Fire Nation attacked and my dad decided that the best Mother’s Day present for my mum was a PlayStation 1 and Crash Bandicoot, this worked out for me at least. The key games that I played on PS1 in this period were:

• The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy
• Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash
• Tomb Raiders (but only to lock the butler in the freezer over and over and over… aaaaand over…)
• The Rugrats: Search For Reptar

This then led on to the PS2 which my dad bought early on with Gran Turismo 3 I think, this console would really cement my love for gaming. Everyone knows that the PS2 is a gold standard for classic games, my biggest highlights in this period are:

• Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
• Star Wars: Battlefront 2
• All 4 Ratchet and Clank games

During this period is where one of the biggest franchises hooked me properly, Pokemon. I mean, of course Pokemon would be included here. Just before Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby were released I used my birthday money to buy myself a secondhand Game Boy Advance and on the day of release I truly started my Pokemon Journey, I bought Sapphire and that was it, this was all I did with all of the time I had spare. 

This habit of buying the newest mainline Pokemon game on release has been a staple for me ever since, it’s still with me now with the most recent releases of Sword and Shield of which I have both and have both finished the Pokedex on Sword and also finished Shield with multiple Mono-type teams since release.

As you may be able to tell from most of the games that I have mentioned above I favoured easy going childish action and adventure-type games. This all changed one fateful day at a friend’s house where I played Halo 3 for the first time on his Xbox 360. This single evening playing Halo, I use the term “playing” loosely as I had never played an FPS before and especially not competitively, sent me straight home to beg my dad to get a 360 too so that I could play more Halo.

I think looking back I am definitely blessed to have the dad that I do, he went out that very evening and came back with a brand new Xbox 360, a copy of Halo 3 and a year’s subscription to Xbox Live, he even let me set up the “family” Live account with my email. So I created the account xRoguexSlayer, this was the “clan” that my friend had, this is still the account that I use now, albeit with a different name now.

Since this time I have played and finished hundreds of games across all platforms but a highlight real of franchises would definitely include:

• Soulsbourne
• Kingdom Hearts
• Persona
• Mass Effect (I’m currently going back through the whole series)
• Dragon Age
• Halo
• Elderscrolls
• Fallout
• Pokemon

With the games in this list alone I have easily sunk 1000s of hours of my life into, with no shame.

Now the history lesson is over, let’s talk about my current gaming situation. I have my main console which is my Xbox One X, I have my favourite console the Switch, a pretty high end gaming PC and a PS4 all set up for current games but I have also set up a separate area in my living room which I have loving dubbed “Old Town” that has a PS2, GameCube, and an N64 set up. Most of my time is really spent on Xbox or on the Switch as they are pretty much in all ways my favourite systems to play on. 

About 6 months ago I put together a list of over 50 games that I had started but hadn’t actually finished yet. Over 50 games is a pretty long list and maybe I let it get a little out of control but since then, including adding new game and replaying other ones, I have finished a good 30 or 40 games since starting and my list is down to 37 which admittedly is still quite a lot but hey, it’s progress! As mentioned above I am replaying through the whole of the Mass Effect series, currently I am on ME3 and most of the way through this. I’m just mopping up the DLC and plan to unlock the last few achievements before I finish up.

I am a little behind on all of the new game releases that I want to play but my priorities for next games to buy would likely be Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Persona 5 Royal, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons so there will likely be some reviews for these coming in the near future.

This has been lengthy and possibly uninteresting for most people, but if anyone has read up to this point then thank you kindly. I know that at the start a lot of my articles will be pretty rough around the edges but I’m hoping to keep at it and become a much better writer in the process. Hopefully I can provide a good commentary on something that has been such a big part of my life for so long. Keep watching for the name SeriouslyAverageGamers because we intend to make a big splash in this industry and provide something new, refreshing, and just plain better than anyone else! That’s the plan anyway…

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