Who we are?

My name is Zack Daniels. Yes, very close to the alcoholic beverage. No, I definitely haven’t heard that one before. I’m a pretty normal guy, I work an 8-4 job as a CAD Design Draughtsman, I went to University, I struggle with my alarms, I go to bed too late, and I definitely snack too much. I also adore video games, more than any other form of entertainment, with most of my spare time devoted to it, and playing the strings off my various guitars.

So about me, I’m Kyle, I’m 27, I like Monster and there are a lot of holes in my drywall…  and I have been gaming pretty religiously for the last 2 decades. I am currently a Backend Developer working on an online fundraising platform. I spend almost all of my spare time either playing games, watching Anime or reading Manga (Yes I’m that guy.).

What we do?

As you’ve seen above, SeriouslyAverageGamers is made up of two faces, Kyle’s and mine, Zack.

We’ve been friends for somewhere approaching the 15 year mark.

If you’re interested in learning more about us individually then click one of our beautiful faces, that should link you right to our personal articles, including our inspirations, some of our favorite games, and why we even like games in the first place.

As for SeriouslyAverageGamers, here’s the shtick.

Our primary goal is to talk about video games we love, as honestly and as unbiased as possible, chances are this will cover article types everyone is familiar with.

First and foremost, for the short term, as a website we’ll be revisiting some of our top games from the last few years. We’ve already covered Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Resident Evil 2 as of writing this, and we’re treating these as proper reviews. On the horizon are the other top titles to cross this generation's table, along with some older classics that we love and appreciate.

Along with these hindsight reviews of sorts, we’ll of course be tackling newer titles as well! Wouldn’t be much of a website if the big new games didn’t get discussed.

Due to our full time day jobs, and the time restrictions outside that, day and date reviews for us will be a struggle for the time being, which we think would hamper the quality of content we can put out. As a middle ground, we’re planning on releasing “review in progress” pieces for as many of the major releases as possible. These will be our early thoughts on these games. Eventually these articles will be updated to full reviews. We think that this is the best way for us to preserve the quality of our content, but also keep you up to date.

Finally, for games we can’t cover, for any reason, we’ll be doing “review roundup” articles, talking about some of the biggest publications thoughts on the game in question. These won’t be very common, but will still allow us to discuss games that we can’t get immediate access to.

Along with these reviews of older, and new titles, we’ll also be doing articles personal to us, best in genre, top tens, top 5s, if you can name it, we’ve probably got something in the works. Just keep an eye out on our social media, any and all articles will be posted on there before they go live!

Lastly, I will be doing a weekly news segment that will be released on Saturdays. As obvious as it sounds, this will cover some of the most interesting, quirky, or the largest stories in gaming from the week before.

Between me and Kyle, we’ll be putting out 6 articles a week. 3 each, so be sure to let us know if we can improve! Comment on our articles, let us know if there’s anything we missed or got wrong, as unlikely as we hope that’ll be.

That’ll be all from me, and from us. We’ll see you in our articles!

Zack and Kyle.