Demon’s Souls Remake – Best Soul Farming Spots

Demon’s Souls Remake launched alongside the PS5 in November to round applause, including from myself. Give the review a read! But unless you want to trawl old forums and guides, it can be difficult getting the info you need. Souls are handed out less readily in Demon’s Souls than in other FromSoftware titles, so I’m here to tell you the best soul farming spots in the Demon’s Souls Remake!

I’ll be naming six farming spots and methods, and I’ll also make it clear WHEN in your journey you should be using them.

6) Boletaria (1-1) – Very Early Game

The first world you enter is Boletaria, and you actually have to beat the first boss in the area, Phalanx, before you can spend any souls. My advice here is don’t rush it. 

Thing is, soul levels are cheap at the start and you get a deceptively large amount of souls if you just re-run 1-1 a few times instead of rushing through 1-2. The second area of Boletaria is a pretty quick difficulty spike for the unprepared, so it doesn’t hurt to get a few easy level ups before getting started. The accessibility of this option makes it a very simple Soul farming spot!

5) Boletaria (1-2) – Early/ Mid Game

Right so quick caveat, this method requires that you beat Tower Knight, the second boss of the first world. It’s not a particularly challenging boss once you get his weakness nailed down, so you should be okay.

Essentially, as you’ll probably have noticed, there’s three archers and two blue eyed knights that spawn right in front of the fog gate leading to Tower Knight. Their placement is solely to cock up your boss run before you get to the big fella with the shield, but thankfully they prove useful.

The archstone that’s left after you beat Tower Knight is directly behind all five enemies. Meaning that you can reload the world as many times as necessary and keep killing these enemies. Kill all five, and you’ll nab yourself 1000 souls or thereabouts. 

As an added bonus, each blue-eyed Knight has an incredibly high drop rate for Half Moon Grass, a very useful healing item. Also, you can easily backstab both if you walk up to them. Just don’t sprint. 

While the amount of souls you get is relatively low, I did use this method very regularly for Soul farming early on and then to push myself over the edge in the late game. Go nuts!

4) Shrine of Storms (4-1) – Early/ Mid Game

Okay so consider soul farming spot the higher skilled version of the previous two. The first Archstone of Shrine of Storms can be absolutely brutal to the unawares, as it was for me, but the main enemy of the area has one weakness. They’re very dumb.

The rolling skeletons that inhabit this area might hit like a truck early on, but you can easily kite them off of cliffs for easy souls. Alternatively you can use fire to burn them to death, as that’s their primary weakness. 

If you’re melee only, then shield play is pretty effective here, they’ll bounce right off for an easy counter. Just make sure that you’re using a shield that blocks 100% of physical damage. 

Clear 4-1 of skeletons, and you can run back to the archstone and reset the world. I do have two warnings for this method.

Don’t get greedy. If you run too far in and die, it’s pretty likely you’ll have trouble getting those souls back. Secondly, watch out for the flying storm beasts. They may seem harmless, but they’ll fire green shards at you from the sky that hurt rather a lot.

Do everything right, and you’ll steal yourself thousands of souls in 4-1. If you fancy your luck, it’s accessible as early as you want. The earlier you try, the more bang for your souls you’ll get.

3) Boletaria (1-4) – Late Game

I’m putting this one here because it comes highly recommended on the internet. I didn’t use this soul farming spot more than a few times, but it would be a good one if you want to level up for NG+. 

After beating Penetrator you can use the Archstone that spawns there in a similar fashion to that of the Tower Knight. Spawn there as often as you like, turn around and walk through the doorway that would’ve previously been a fog gate to the boss arena.

I’m sure you remember those pesky red eye knights that stood in your way? Now’s your time for revenge. I’d recommend getting any bow and arrow so you don’t aggro all three at once, but either way killing them will get you 2000 souls per Knight. Plus the other normal enemies in the immediate area, and you’re looking at 8000 souls per run. Rinse and repeat as necessary!

2) Shrine of Storms (4-3) – Mid/ Late Game

Now depending on how quickly you tackle world four, Shrine of Storms, will definitely dictate the effect this has on your game. For me, I had already cleared world two and three prior to getting here. Meaning that this area became my method of power levelling myself for the last two areas. 

Clear world four early, and you’ll never need another soul farming option again. After beating the world’s final boss, Storm King, the area it resided in will be home to dozens of smaller Storm Beasts. Killing a single Storm Beast will get you approximately 1200 souls.

The idea here is to spawn at 4-3, walk down the hill and bait them to fly towards you. Depending on your class, your method of dispatching these flying menaces will differ.

If you’re capable of using magic, Soul Ray is perfect. It has enough range to kill them before they get in range to attack you. Likewise, any good dexterity build with a bow will be fine here.

If you’re a sole melee build then things are a bit more awkward, but still not bad. It requires the use of a unique weapon called Storm Ruler. If you didn’t find it during your boss fight with Storm King, then it’s down on the cliff edge amongst the ruins at 4-4. 

This weapon literally tears the sky open (with a cool visual effect of the rain parting around it) and does a tremendous amount of damage. If you group up the Storm Beasts you can nab them all at once, but the attack has a fairly long wind up so be careful not to get caught out.

However you do it, clearing the sky of Storm Beasts will get you at the very least 20,000 souls per run. In seconds, or minutes, depending on your efficiency. By the time I finished Demon’s Souls it was taking me 60,000 souls to level up, so you can see how useful this was for me. 

1) Shrine of Storms (4-2) – Early/ Mid/ Late Game

This is the famous one for Demon’s Souls Veterans. The good thing about this method, is that it’s extremely low risk when done right, and doable in seconds. 

The main snag is that you have to get through 4-1 and beat the boss there before you can do it. But thankfully the boss, Adjudicator, isn’t too bad. 

Once you’ve beaten him, you’ll arrive in one of the hardest areas of the game. Home to a unique enemy, Reapers, it’s a locale that’s truly deadly. Thankfully, it’s also easy to exploit for souls.

Reapers, being a unique enemy, also have a unique mechanic. They control a group of ghosts under their command. Each ghost can be killed for souls, but killing the Reaper itself will also kill all of the ghosts. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

Long explanation short, killing a reaper (and thereby its cronies) will net you 5000 souls in mere seconds. Bad news for melee builds though, Reapers do NOT screw around, and possess multiple attacks that will ruin your health bar. This farming option is still perfectly feasible as a melee user, just be very careful to not get caught out. 

If you’re not too stubborn, find a bow and some arrows to make your life easier.

Much as with the previous option, dexterity archer and magic builds are laughing. Equip fireball if you’re a magic user, as Reapers are weak to the element. 

The trick here is to spawn at 4-2, drop down and run into the room with the Reaper. Do NOT drop down into firing range. As long as you’re on the top level, the Reaper won’t aggro and fire his death beam at you. 

If you’re an archer, zoom in and fire off two arrows (or however many it takes to kill it, if you’re under-levelled). Just be aware that once you hit it the first time it will aggro onto you and start firing. Once it’s dead, turn around and run back to archstone. Rinse and repeat. With maximum efficiency you should be able to amass clear over 100,000 souls in 10 minutes or less.

For magic users this is a bit more finicky, but still fine. Fireball has fairly low range, so you’re gonna have to get basically straight above the Reaper and shoot. Don’t lock on, if you do your spell will probably just catch the floor you’re standing on. Free aim it and tag him ONCE. Do not go for a second throw here if you don’t have the vitality to tank the beam of death. 

Once you’ve hit him, step back out of line of site. The Reaper will start walking down the stairs. Reposition at the front where you came in, and free fire the fireball a second time to kill him. It takes slightly longer than just using a bow and arrow, but there we go.

Assuming you don’t fall off and get pegged by the blue beam shenanigans, this is the least risky late game soul farm option. A tad slower than the previous option for my money, but definitely safer.


There we have it! My six recommendations for soul farming methods in the Demon’s Souls Remake! 

Did I miss any or, god forbid, get any method wrong? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, have a fantastic week!

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