Gears 5 Quietly Becomes The Easiest Game to Install and Manage.

SSD space. One of the more discussed wrinkles in next generation capability. Although I suppose I should say current generation capability now, it’ll take a while to get used to that. The Xbox Series X sports less than 850GB of space, and the PS5 has less than 700GB of usable space, and both have their restrictions on external storage. Although the Series X fares slightly better there than the PS5. This is why we’re talking about the Gears 5 installation process today.

(You can read my review of the Series X here, and my review of the PS5 here)

With all of this, managing your space has become more important than ever. More and more games are breaking that 100GB mark, like Warzone, Master Chief Collection, and the game of today’s focus – Gears 5.

After a recent content update, Gears 5 had quietly stormed ahead of competing games in terms of storage management. Sitting at around 100GB for a complete install, after multiple free content injections like multiplayer maps, customisation, and the recent Hivebusters campaign, Gears 5 is a BIG old game. Luckily the developers have made things easier for you when loading up.

First, you can choose to only install sections of the game. Meaning you can choose to install just the original campaign. Likewise you can choose to install just the new campaign expansion, Hivebusters. Alternatively you can choose to install just the multiplayer. 

Coalition have even gone so far as to allow you to opt out of installing the customisation options like skins. Splitting installs is something that Call of Duty recently picked up, but from where I’m sitting Gears 5 has elevated those options above all of its peers. 

After that you’re even given the option to prioritise your Gears 5 installation in the order of what you want to install! So I chose to install customisation options, the original campaign, and the new story expansion Hivebusters. From there I prioritised Hivebusters, as I needed it for my review that went live today.

This level of agency NEEDS to be something that all future games pick up on. With storage space filling up fast, separate install options is a must.

I have to applaud Coalition and Gears 5 for understanding this. Check out my Hivebusters review here! Until next time, have a wonderful week, and New Year!

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