Kyle’s Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Zack and I have already released our lists for our top games of 2020. So now, to follow Zack’s, I have a list of my most anticipated games of 2021! These are the new titles, sequels, or remasters that will be releasing in 2021 that we’re most excited about.

That’s it for the set up, so here’s the list!

1 – Shin Megami Tensei V

I am a rather large fan of the Persona series, which is a spin off of the Shin Megami Tensei series. It’s fair to say that Persona has more mainstream success overall than the SMT series too. 

I have played a few of the Persona games and one of the other spinoff series, Digital Devil Saga but never the original. I’ve never played a mainline SMT title in my life.

anticipated games of 2021 SMT5

Even so, Atlus and Persona specifically have become some of my tops in gaming. So, now that there is finally going to be a new mainline SMT game and it’s going to be on the Switch, colour me intrigued!

Now it doesn’t seem like we have that much to go on with the game but there are some safe-ish bets. Like the world ending, demons being everywhere, and some fantastic turn-based combat. 

Even with so little to go on, SMT5 probably tops my list anticipated games of 2021.

2 – Next Pokemon release

This technically isn’t guaranteed, there has been no official word on Pokemon 2021. The certainty is lowered even more when you think that they broke the trend last year. Instead of releasing a new game, they just released 2 DLCs for Sword and Shield. I don’t think they’ll release new DLCs for those games again this year but there will be new games.

There are rumours flying around, as per usual, of this being the year of the Gen 4 remakes. These being Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Now I would love this because, despite how good they are, the original games were awful. Running so slow and missing a lot of quality of life additions. So now there should be no bottlenecks with the Switch.

anticipated games of 2021 PDaP

That being said, what I actually want are more Johto remakes. I will take Soul Silver/ Heart Gold remakes but I would also accept “Let’s Go Johto”. I personally really loved Let’s Go Pikachu, so I want the same for my favourite region.

This is also the 25th anniversary for Pokemon, so I expect that there will be quite a few things. From games, cards, collectables, and everything else, I think some exciting stuff is coming.

3 – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

I sure do love me some Mass Effect and that Garrus Ass Effect. We finally got the confirmation that early this year we are getting a remaster package of the original trilogy. This really gets my jellies going! 

Speaking as someone who has replayed the entire series again literally last year, this is exciting. If we’re just being honest, only the first game actually needs any real work. It runs like garbage and has the worst blur ever, which hurts to look at. It is still an absolutely phenomenal game though, so if they just make it look pretty, then I’ll be happy! Seeing Fem-Shep and Garrus going at it in 4k 60fps is what my life needs right now.

anticipated games of 2021 MELE2

It should be noted that Mass Effect 5 has now been confirmed. I really don’t think this is coming out for a while, especially after the disastrous launch of Andromeda. So that won’t make it onto this list, better luck next year I guess!

4 – Halo Infinite

I don’t have as much of a storied past with Halo that our Zack had. My first Halo game was Halo 3, on the Xbox 360. It’s also the first game on the 360 that I played and why I convinced my dad to buy one. I have played every Halo game now having gone back to the older ones thanks to the Master Chief Collection.

It’s not a secret that the more recent Halo games have not reached the heights of their predecessors. It’s also no secret that there were some issues with Halo Infinite and at 343. So I won’t go into these here but it was worth mentioning at least.

anticipated games of 2021 HI Craig

All I really need from Halo Infinite is a multiplayer closer to Halo 3 and Reach. Those games were phenomenal and are among the best MP games ever released. I know the MP is going to a free to play addition to the main game, I just need it to be good. Oh to go back to the days of spending every school night playing Halo with my friends!! 

5 – Scarlet Nexus

Psychic, Samurai, Ninja Soldiers. That’s it, that’s the reason. I don’t think there really needs to be any other reasons for this at all. 

anticipated games of 2021 SN

6 – Final Fantasy XVI

This is another series that I’m not really big into. That being said in the last couple of years I have upped my FF knowledge a little. Having finally finished FF7, played FF7 remake, and FF9, so I’ve dipped my toe a little deeper. Just in case you were wondering, Final Fantasy 9 is my favourite.

Firstly, it seems to have gone back to a medieval england style location which I’m into. This is accompanied by the required corny english dub, as shown by the trailer already. It’s also taking quite a darker turn, with some edge and blood all over the trailer.

anticipated games of 2021 FFXVI

The game also seems to be continuing the action combat style following FF15, which I’m fine with. It’s somewhat an unpopular opinion but I really enjoyed FF15, especially the friendship between the main party. So I hope something like that is brought over into the next entry for the series.

Honourable Mentions

Now for some honourable mentions, these are games that have no real confirmed release date. Some might come out this year, some, like Elden Ring won’t come out for another 84 years. 

So to start off, I’ll just go with Elden Ring. There should be no need to explain this at all, a From Software/ George RR Martin colab? INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS. Also can we get literally any small morsel of information, jesus.

anticipated games of 2021 ER

Next up, a game that was actually on our other writer Zack’s list, Dying Light 2. Now Dying Light is one of my favourite games of the last generation. It’s also second in terms of zombie games, just behind the Resident Evil 2 Remake. So a sequel that evolves everything amazing about Dying Light is absolutely a bit of me.

Finally for the honourable mentions, Dragon Age 4. I’m a pretty big fan of the Dragon Age franchise, having played all of them multiple times, going back years now. Along with Mass Effect, also from Bioware, these are some of my favourite fantasy series. Now I wasn’t the biggest fan of the most recent entry, Inquisition, but it certainly has its charms. So I will take anything going forward in this series.

There you have it!

That’s my list, with honourable mentions, for my most anticipated games of 2021. What did you think? Do you agree with my choices? Are there any other games that you’re excited for?

Let us know in the comments below!

Kyle’s Most Anticipated Games of 2021.
Written by Kyle Munn.

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