Kyle’s Top 6 Favourite Games Ever

Following on from Zack’s post about his 6 favourite games, we decided that I should do the same. So in basically the same format as Zack’s, here are my 6 favourite games of all time. It was pointed out to me by Zack that a lot of the games in this list look slightly similar. What can I say? I really like Anime, so when a game is basically an Anime incarnate I’m gonna like it.

3 – Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 was the long awaited mainline sequel to Kingdom Hearts and it is fantastic. As this is a direct sequel to the first game, it has many of the same mechanics as the original, it just makes some additions and fine tunes the older mechanics to near perfection. 

You still travel around to different Disney worlds and basically save that world from the enemy, however there is also a new threat that becomes more prominent, around the halfway mark. Some of the worlds are carried over from the original, albeit with a fresh lick of paint. These worlds look much better than they did in the original, and in most cases are actually laid out better as well. New Disney worlds are added too, some are even referenced in the first game like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. A notable addition is Pirates of the Caribbean, whilst this is not the best looking world, and the voice acting isn’t greeeeeat, it is certainly a jump for KH and is a welcome addition. 

Side note, The Lion King world turns Sora into a little Lion and gives you a crazy updated move and ability set. This is a fantastic world and addition to this game.

KH is just a fun and silly game, I know this is the point of the game, that it’s just a kids version of Final Fantasy. It takes a lot of the underlying mechanics from other FF’s and puts them on a cartoony palette with some faster paced combat. For me I think KH games are more enjoyable and accessible than FF and I prefer that.

I am currently playing KH2 yet again, it recently stopped being a PS exclusive and was added to Xbox, so of course I had to play it again. It’s not my fault honest!

2 – Persona 5

Persona 5 is Anime the game and I love it. This is the most recent instalment, of the spin off series, of Atlas’ popular Shin Megami Tensei series of games. Atlas’ mascot is a cute little snowman called Jack Frost, this is important because he is cute. This IS important.

I’m not sure if there has ever been a more stylish game, the game, the menus, the combat, and the cutscenes are perfect. Every part of this game engages you all the way through, even after playing the game through twice. 

Persona 5 is on my list 6 games to play in lock down because aside from just enjoying every second of it, it is quite lengthy and can easily take up a large amount of your time. It does this very easily, I myself spent quite a few sleepless nights playing this game.

P5 contains a pretty extensive list of different personas that you can fight with, fuse, and execute. Along with a good sized team of companions to choose from, with differing melee and ranged weapons of their own. This gives the game a lot of choice and replay-ability in my opinion, every time through you could choose different party members to focus on or use different personas throughout. I’m definitely a fan of games that give you a lot of choice, I do dislike when there is no combat progression or say party choices.

I haven’t yet tried the recently released Persona 5 Royal, I think that may be an upcoming project for myself.

1 – Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is another game that also featured in my 6 games to play in lock down post, seems a little bit biased by adding this in both but it’s such a good game! Dark Souls is a tough as nails action RPG and it is hard. Some might even say notoriously so… 

The term Souls-like is referenced a lot when you talk about video-games, in a reasonably short amount of time, From Software (the studio behind Dark Souls) have cemented themselves as the Kings of Hard Games. This title is well deserved, Dark Souls for the uninitiated is a maelstrom of death and despair, but that’s what makes them so appealing. There is no better feeling than fighting a boss countless times and dying, then finally overcoming this obstacle. It’s addictive and even now, after playing DS3 countless times, I still get that rush after beating a boss.

Again I have talked about this game quite a bit in my 6 games to play in lock down post, but the key things to take away about DS3 is the gameplay and the lore.

Call me Loremaster Munn because I have absorbed more information about this one series of games, than I did throughout my entire school and college life combined. It’s not even funny! I have watched countless hours of lore, myths, theories and explanations about every part of these games, one of my favourite sources is VaatiVidya on youtube, maybe check him out too.

Then the gameplay, DS games, until DS3, were never all that smooth, I’ll be the first to admit. This however only added to their charm, and difficulty really. This changed for DS3, in a big way.

The combat in DS3 is so, so buttery smooth. Every input is instantly met with the corresponding action, to the point that you can over press and be caught in the wrong action.  At first you may think that sounds bad, it’s not. This trains you in precision, if you over click and make the wrong action, you will be murdered in this game. It just adds to the joy of success, you make no mistakes, you play perfectly, and you overcome your challenges.

It’s the feeling of success and victory that really propel From Software games. What a studio.

There’s my top, top 3 games. What follows is the games that didn’t quite make it there but are still very much all time favourites of mine.

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

This game is the direct sequel to the Gamecube exclusive hit, Pokemon Colosseum. In my opinion they improved in a lot of ways from the original. 

This game is just super happy fun time, like the original you have to steal back a bunch of shadow Pokemon from people. Then dismantle an evil corporation alone, in typical Pokemon fashion. 

There are quite a lot of changes that they made for this sequel. 

You now start with an Eevee and get to choose your Eeveelution. There are more shadow Pokemon to catch. There’s is a pretty extensive new purification system, that lets you purify Pokemon that aren’t in your party. There are Pokespots so that you can catch some more Pokemon, ones that aren’t shadowed. They also added a lot more shadow moves for your shadow Pokemon to use.

It’s just a delightful game to be honest and it was on one of the best consoles that Nintendo have released. What I wouldn’t give for them to release a remaster or a new game in this series on the Switch.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

I won’t say much on this Fire Emblem here. If you are really interested in what I think about this game, check the review that I did for it.

Suffice it to say that I loved this game from start to finish, to start again to finish again.

I don’t want to put much information, you should read my review! 

The key points though, for me, are the visuals, the story, the combat, and the characters… you could say that I like everything, and you’d be right. I like everything about this game. It was my personal choice for GOTY for 2019 and having played it some since, that opinion has not changed. If you have the chance or you’re unsure about whether to play this game or not, then ask yourself some questions. If you answer yes to any of these, then try the game: Do you like Anime? Do you like medieval fantasy games? Do you like strategy RPG’s?

It was both my first Fire Emblem game but it has definitely piqued my interest into this series, I think it may make me go back to some of the earlier titles.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

This might be the game that I have played the most on Xbox 360, I cannot tell you how many characters I have made in this game. It’s a lot though! I think there is a genuine chance that I could play through that opening tutorial section with my eyes closed. I feel like that came across as a brag and maybe it shouldn’t have..? I’m not sure.

This game is set in the province of Cyrodiil, which is the home of the Imperial race and the Empire. The story is kinda simple but I like it, you start off in prison… of course. The Emperor has been attacked and must take a secret passageway that goes through your cell. 

Obviously you can’t be trusted and you follow them out this passage way… spoilers… the Emperor dies. He asks you to find his son and to help him save the world. There are basically portals to hell, well one of the planes of Oblivion (get it, the title?), but yeah hell, opening up all over and you’ve gotta close ’em all.

Simple enough. I will say that for a good hundred hours you can basically ignore all of the story and just go kill things! Or steal things! Or magic things! There’s quite a lot to do in this game and I love it.

The opening cinematic to this game is incredible, for a game that was released in 2006, it looks beautiful and Sir Patrick Stewart, who voices the Emperor, narrates the whole thing, with quite an impactful performance. Another notable voice actor in this game is Sean Bean, who voices the Emperor’s son Martin. Does he die in this one or does he not? Who knows… 

An important note is that Oblivion has my favourite level up mechanic of any game. By using skills you level them up and then when you level up your major skills your character levels up. Good to note as well, is that you can make the choices about everything. You choose your major skills, and you choose what stats to raise upon level up. It’s bliss.

So there it is, I hoped you liked my list and if there were any games here that you haven’t played before, you now might consider doing so!

Let me know down below what your choices would be!

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