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Metro 2033 – Into the Gem Vault

Metro 2033 is a horror inspired immersive sim released in 2010 and later remastered in 2014. The Metro series itself is based on a book series of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

I frankly love this series, even writing recently about how I think it’s the best game series based on a book. So, how come I like it so much?!

What’s the message?

Metro 2033 is a game set in post-apocalyptic Moscow. Specifically in the Metro systems below the city, where the remnants of the populace now live. Taking up residence in each of the Metro stations across the city, with makeshift ramble buildings.

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As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, the surface is irradiated, and there are also monsters everywhere. Between each of the stations, on the surface, and increasingly inside the stations are mutated monstrosities. 

The protagonist, Artyom, is mostly silent, except during loading where he reads through his diary. He is tasked by a Ranger named Hunter to get a message to Ranger HQ. Rangers are like an elite military force that basically tries to defend the Metro.

To do this Artyom must leave the relative safety of his station ‘Exhibition’ and travel through the Metro. Fighting his way through the monsters, ghosts, Red Army, and the Nazis. All while trying to find a way to deal with the impending threat of the mysterious Dark Ones. How you interact with the world and the people in it can dictate how this tale ends.

metro 2033 war war never changes

Whatcha doin’?

Metro 2033 is a story driven FPS with multiple weapons, upgrades, equipment, and things to shoot. There is actually quite a decent selection of weapons and upgrades, much more than one might expect.

There’s a revolver, multiple rifles and shotguns, a flamethrower, and then a bunch of pneumatic weapons. You can even upgrade them with stocks, suppressors, and sights that do genuinely shift up their applications. My personal favourite is a suppressed revolver with a large scope. Very handy for silent takedowns at range.

Then there’s all of the collectibles and things, like notes as you’d expect in many games like this one. Then there are safe keys and the safes themselves. You can even go off the beaten path, leading to treasures like resources or ammo, notes, and safes.

metro 2033 born in a barn

Finally, there are a lot of actions and things you can see that affect the game. Or at least the possible ending. Giving money to the poor or sick for example. As well as visions you can get that might tell a story from the past, or just creep you out with the sounds of those that lived before.

What do I like so much?

First off, I really like the setting. I’m sure it’s an idea used before and since, however using the Metro stations as the focal location is great. Everything is run down, dark, dank, and often scary. That’s before you factor in the things that go bump in the night.

Then there’s the creature designs, like the Demons and Librarians. The latter of which are giant, horrifying monsters that will chase you through walls. Through floors and doors. They also don’t seem to like dying very much. I just ran like a scared little rabbit the whole time.

metro 2033 demon

It’s a small touch but something I really like is the currency. Instead of bills or bottle caps they use pristine military grade ammunition – which can also be used as bullets in your gun, leading to a potential trade off. These rounds do more damage but obviously are much more limited and are the currency.

There’s another small inclusion that I like; the little bullet lighter. Shaped like a large calibre round, it opens up to reveal a pretty handy flame. Mostly used to burn away cobwebs and things blocking or slowing your path. 

There is one thing that I think I either didn’t recognise or just missed. A lot of the books that you find around the Metro are actually the Metro novels. The ones written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the ones the game is literally based on. It’s a silly little inclusion and I love it.

metro 2033 ghosts

FPS Boost

This is exclusively an Xbox Series console feature. With the addition of FPS Boost for Metro 2033 comes a vastly improved experience over the original.

I’ll be the first to admit that despite loving the series so much the Metro games are not optimised. From ridiculous loading times to choppy frame rates, it was all kinda messy.

This is absolutely not the case anymore. Playing on the Xbox Series X both of these issues were entirely solved. The loading took seconds at most which is a really nice touch. Then, the frame rate, my god, it was rock solid.

metro 2033 the end

You’ve never experienced Metro 2033 until you’ve played it at more than 15fps. It was a sublime time. Even if you’ve played it before, even recently, it should be a must to play again.

What does it all mean?

I actually already wrote about how much I like this series. This series started right here in Metro 2033 and just got better and better. Now with the remastered Metro 2033 getting FPS Boost on Xbox Series X, this first game has never played so well.

It’s my opinion that Metro 2033 is a must play for any FPS or post-apocalyptic fans. It’s one of the best game series with some of the best and unique additions and mechanics.

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