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My 6 Favourite Songs in Gaming!

Hello there! Today on Seriously Average Gamers is another list; my 6 favourite songs in gaming! That’s quite a broad idea, as it can encompass literally any piece of audio in a game.

So I’ll be a little bit more specific about what I will be including. These will be songs, vocals not necessary, and can play at any point. So that could be the theme at the main menu or combat theme for example. There will only be 1 entry per game or series. This is so that it isn’t just 6 songs from Persona 5 or the Persona series. Otherwise it really would be, that series has phenomenal music. Let’s get into it!

6 – Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger

This is a very recent discovery for me, it’s obviously not a new track. I didn’t start playing Chrono Trigger until this year, 2021, but I instantly fell in love. It’s such a charming and incredibly well crafted game. Then there’s the soundtrack, my god is it gorgeous.

For all of the games that I can think of from the same period, it might just be the top. It’s utterly perfect for a really old school JRPG. This track plays in quite a few areas in Chrono Trigger and it always sounds amazing.

The older school music from this era, honestly, hot take, rarely sounds good now. Despite what most people claim, it’s mostly a nostalgia trip. I get it but they don’t compete with the epic scores of recent times. I have no nostalgia for Chrono Trigger and yet I still think the soundtrack is phenomenal. That’s a true testament to the impeccable work done for this game.

5 – Halo, Halo

Well, yeah, this was gonna be here. Possibly one of the most memorable video game tracks, even with people that haven’t played Halo. Spawning multiple may-mays since.

A real “boys in the bathroom” track that elicits nostalgia like nothing else. Literally from the first tone. It’s a track that has some pretty wide range, changing style and tempo, and volume throughout. 

What I like most about this track is actually the imagery that it plants in your mind as it plays. There are many things that can bring back memories, songs, smells, and tastes for example. However, with Halo, it doesn’t so much retrieve a memory as transport you around space.

When you hear it, your mind goes straight to the Rings, straight to pelicans dropping off warthogs, and grunts exploding with confetti. It brings out your deepest memories of playing Halo, even if you haven’t in half a decade.

4 – Reign of the Septims, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

This one is a doozy. I don’t know if the name changes between Elder Scrolls titles but they are all similar. The rhythm for the main menu theme in a lot of the Elder Scrolls games are the same.

If you listen to them back to back, you can really tell they’re effectively the same song. Despite this, in my mind, Oblivion stands leagues ahead. Not just because it’s one of my favourite games from the Xbox 360 era. It stands leagues above because it is infinitely more epic.

This is a nostalgia kind of track. From the moment I hear that first note, I’m instantly happy and vitalised. I’m ready to start a new character and waste the next 12 hours. I say waste because I’ll inevitably play it the same way I always do. Go to the ruins outside the sewers, the cave nearby. Get to level 3, take the steel equipment from Jauffre, and then go save Kvatch. It’s always the same and I’m never bored of it. 

One of the biggest reasons for this is the pump I get from the menu, and the rest of the soundtrack as a whole.

3 – At Doom’s Gate, Doom (2016)

Kyle loves metal. Kyle thinks more games should have epic metal soundtracks. Kyle should probably stop talking in the third person before people think he’s weird.

For real though, the Doom reboot has the absolute masterclass of metal in gaming. This has come up a couple of times on our website now, from me specifically. I absolutely adore the entire soundtrack and this track, for combat, is the best. It’s just so incredible from start to finish.

The build up is slow but it really gets the heart beating and as the metal starts… my damn, the blood do be pumping! It just keeps going too and I love it. Metal and gore is such a perfect combination and this is some of the best around. 

2 – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, Dark Souls

I have mentioned this multiple times on this site now but my god, this track. It is absolutely unreal. There is no doubt this is one of my favourite songs in gaming. It is not only one of the most hauntingly beautiful tracks around, it’s also so perfect. I really appreciate when a soundtrack, or the like, perfectly captures the atmosphere.

There are no tracks that are this melancholy and weighty. It gives me literal chills everytime that I walk into that arena and hear it.

It is the theme for the final fight against literally God in Dark Souls 1. It then reappears in Dark Souls 3 similarly and both times it’s perfect. 

A lot of the music composed for From Software games is very symphonic in nature. A Lot of it has gravitas and emotions behind it but I don’t think anything compares to Gwyn.

It’s not just the sorrowful tones and the higher pitched notes. It’s the message and meaning behind your actions at the time. I think it really elevates the entire experience. Without every piece for this fight falling ao perfectly into place, it might not be good enough. However, if there’s one thing From Software knows, it’s perfection.

1 – Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There, Persona 5

This is it, this is basically my favourite track in gaming. Straight from one of my favourite games of all time, comes my favourite song from that game. I absolutely love the entire soundtrack from Persona 5, it’s basically unmatched. There are very few misses in the entire game and that’s really tough.

Persona 5, in my opinion, might just be the best overall soundtrack, just ever. Especially Lyn’s vocals, it’s some genuinely powerful stuff. The music itself is so good that it makes the list of soundtracks I have listened to outside a game. The best part of this is that pretty much the whole Persona series soundtracks have been added to Spotify. Now I can listen to it all, all the time, officially. 

So much of the soundtrack is just funky songs that just don’t need the game. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There for example is unreal. It’s actually the opening theme, along with an impossibly stylish animation accompanying it.

From the moment you start the game, you are shown exactly what you’re in for and I love it. It’s probably the best opening, to the main menu, in a game to date. There is nothing to rival it and that’s why it deserves the top spot.

So that’s my list, did you like it? What are your favourite gaming tracks? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to check out our Twitter and Facebook for more gaming related stuff!

My 6 Favourite Songs in Gaming.
Written by Kyle Munn.

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