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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is the next entry, following on from Man of Medan.  Little Hope releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on the 30th of October. Created by Supermassive Games the team that were also behind Until Dawn.

Little Hope is part of a series of interactive, survival-horror games called The Dark Pictures Anthology. There are 8 planned games for this series in total, with Little Hope being the second entry.

I actually wrote a little Hot Take about Man of Medan that you might like to read as well. My feelings on the subject is that Man of Medan, as a whole experience, is better than Until Dawn.

High Hopes?

The simple truth is that I have pretty high hopes for Little Hope. I very genuinely enjoyed Man of Medan, it was a pretty great example of storied horror. It was mostly slow paced and walky but the jump scares were the best I’ve seen in modern gaming. Along with some fantastic camera work and framing.

Little Hope thing

As the bare minimum I expect this trend to continue in Little Hope. If Little Hope at least matches the fear factor and camera angles, I think we’re in for a treat.

I said above, and in my Hot Take, that I think Man of Medan is better than Until Dawn. So if I were to say my biggest hope, it would simply be that Little Hope is better than Man of Medan.

Take all that was improved for Man of Medan and improve it more for Little Hope!

Couch Potato

This is probably the one area that I think Little Hope needs to improve over its predecessor. The couch co-op was a fantastic addition in Man of Medan, it just wasn’t perfect.

man of medan all together

The key issue that I had with the formula was that some people can just stop playing. There are certain choices that can be made that can remove a character from the rest of the game. Of course, not including the idea of deaths either. 

Depending on how the character selection has played out, it’s entirely possible that someone will have no playtime. Whilst this can be a powerful story device, for different endings for example, it is an issue. 

I certainly do not mind killing off teens… in a game… mostly. I guess that I just want it to be worked out in a way that doesn’t leave anyone out. That’s kinda the point of co-op yano?

There are many solutions to this, and I can think of 2 that would be the most effective. Without removing the risk of death or, I dunno, capture or something. The first is to increase the amount of playable characters, and give each player at least 2. Then if one is inexplicably incapacipated they can play along still.

Little Hope together

The second, if they don’t increase the character roster, is to reduce the number of players. For the exact same reason as above, only if there’s only 6 characters, then 3 players get 2 characters each.

Twist and Shout

I like the story in Man of Medan, there are enough changes and twists to keep me entertained. Now, I won’t say that it was all a big twist for the finale, then again it didn’t need to be. I would like the same attention put into Little Hope, some twists and not entirely predictable. By not entirely, I just mean that not every story line should be predictable. Surprise me here and there.

I don’t mind a bit of foreshadowing, or some somewhat obvious clues along the way. I just need a little “bump in the night” as it were.

I Got That Reference

This actually refers back to my biggest complaint of Until Dawn, it’s so unbelievable. Not the story, or monsters, or anything like that, just the characters. None of them act like humans, none of them move like humans. 

Now, our other writer, Zack, has suggested this was on purpose. That maybe the idea was to mimic older, cheesy horror movies. This is fine as an explanation, I just don’t like those cheesy movies. 

Little Hope map

So it really ruins a lot of the game for me, even just watching it gets too much for me. In my opinion, Man of Medan greatly improves on this. Much less cheese, more relatable and believable character interactions. 

All I really want is a continuation of that trend. I really don’t even need any improvements in this area, just a matching of this tone would do. Just to make sure that I want to be around these characters, or at least some of them. Maybe I’ll even want to save them in the end!

Carry On My Wayward Son

This is not a complaint of Man of Medan but I would like a higher focus on the supernatural. My actual favourite genre of live-action TV is the “real world” uses of the supernatural. This includes Supernatural and Grimm, as examples. 

These are shows that exist within our own world, they just add in that little extra spice. The spice being monsters that kill people all time but spice nonetheless.

Supernatural Winchester boys

In Until Dawn, they had the Wendigos, who served as a kind of hidden antagonist. There was still that supernatural element but they were, I guess, more grounded. They were tangible and had rules, and I genuinely love this in stories.

If Little Hope could really run with something like this, I would be eternally grateful! Now I am purposely trying to stay away from as many potential story spoilers. So they may have already shown what the story is based on, so I may already be disappointed.

Alternatively, I may already have my wish. Either way, I think the unexplainable nature of monsters can really add to the tension. Coupled with a more, let’s say, logical explanation, makes it seem more real. That “realness” can be very scary, and I want that!

In The End.

Overall, I am super excited for the next Dark Pictures Anthology entry. I think it has some decent sized boots to fill but I have faith that it will live up to them.

The plan for me is to grab a couple of my buddies and play this for Halloween. Then I’ll almost certainly playthrough another time or 2 on my own. What a wonderful evening that shall be!

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