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Nintendo Direct 17-02-21 – The Loooooooong Wait

So on 17/02/21, this last Wednesday there was finally a full Nintendo Direct. This is the first full Nintendo Direct since September 2019, which was at least 30 years ago. Needless to say that expectations were rather high for this event. It was over 50 minutes long, so it certainly wasn’t a short presentation. Watch the full thing below!

Now whether you think that it met expectations or not is up to you. I personally thought that it was a decent event over all. Today, I’ll go over most of the announcements and point out the best ones for me.

New Smash Bros Fighter

The very first announcement of the Nintendo Direct was a pretty good one in my mind. This is the new fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, well fighters. From Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pyra and Mythra make a tag team fighter.

Like normal, the actual trailer was pretty good and took a twist. Some gameplay was shown for the new fighters too. You are able to freely switch between each character whilst in combat. Each with their own movesets and final smashes.

I’ve only played Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition but this addition looks really good. I might fully invest in this second fighter’s pack now. Sephiroth and these next ones are really swaying me. This next fighter will launch in March 2021.

Mario Golf Super Rush

After the new Smash Bros announcements, this was my favourite announcement. I saw a lot of mentions about Mario Golf before the Nintendo Direct but I’d never played it. The only golf game I played was on the PSP and it was the only game we had for ages. This sure does excite me though!

It sure did look like a real good time to me. It looks pretty great anyway and the regular golfing looks deec. I’m hoping it’ll end up as a pretty dope couch co-op game. One of the best parts of this is the motion controls. You can use your JoyCon to golf! With how good the motion controls tend to be on Switch, this is much excite.

Besides that there are a bunch of other modes as well. Like a story mode which has RPG elements, where you use your Mii and level them up. Gaining stats and becoming a better golfer. Then the most exciting mode for me is the Speed Golf. Here you basically race others to putt your ball to the hole, with powerups and attacking them.

Mario Golf Super Rush will be launching on Switch on 25th June with pre orders available now.

Neon White

This was probably the most unique game of the whole Nintendo Direct. As a kind of FPS, card, rhythm-ish, game thing. I honestly don’t know what the hell it is! All I know is that the style and design of the game and the characters look pretty dope.

It remains to be seen whether there will be any depth or longevity to it but the initial trailer was intriguing. Neon White is slated for Winter 2021.

Project Triangle Strategy (Working Title)

Triangle Strategy is a new tactical RPG from Square Enix, this seemed to be one of the bigger announcements. A LOT of people on Twitter were super excited for this one. Me included. 

This seems like a pretty in depth TRPG that has some interesting features. Like elevation changing the range of bows, or the combos with different magics. As well as follow-up attacks when you have an extra party member behind an enemy. It’s in a very classic 2D style that is incredibly charming.

There is a taster demo that is available right now that will be taking feedback for the full game. I have already downloaded the demo and will play it for a first impression soon. The full game is coming out till at least 2022 though.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Seeing as the Zelda Anniversary is coming up it makes sense that something would appear here. For this Nintendo Direct all that was shown for the Zelda anniversary was a HD remaster of Skyward Sword.

Now, for context, I’m still not the biggest Zelda fan however the Switch has been the biggest change here. Playing BotW and Link’s Awakening on the Switch were the first times I’ve ever finished any Zelda game. 

Skyward Sword seems… decisive… shall we say. I personally think that it looks pretty cool and might be the only Zelda game I haven’t seen a HD remaster for before. Along with all of the motions controls for this right-handed Link, I’m pretty excited.

Reports are that it will be a $60 dollar game, so quite expensive when it launches on 16th July. Pre-orders are also available now.

Slight side note but although there was no BotW2 news, they did confirm that some will be coming. There was no specific date given but they did say, later this year.

Fall Guys!

Less needs to be said about this cute little indie hit but Fall Guys is coming to Switch. Only mentioned as Sumer 2021, this is pretty exciting. Although the Nintendo Online Service isn’t great, the Switch is the perfect platform for Fall Guys. So I am very excited for this!

It should be said that the trailer for Fall Guys on the Switch was cute as hell!

Another side note but it is also coming to Xbox in the Summer too.

What next?

That’s it for my favourite announcements so let’s quickly go through some of the other announcements.

Splatoon 3 – revealed with a small customization trailer, along with your little buddy. Not much else provided but releasing sometime in 2022.

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection – A collection of the Ninja Gaiden games are coming to the Switch. This will include all DLC for these games too. Releasing 10th June.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity DLC – Confirmed dates for the additions in the expansion pass. Wave 1 will be launching June 2021 and wave 2 in November.

Super Mario items in Animal Crossing – This is a little late, as it’s not Mario’s anniversary anymore. There will be a free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Mario items coming on March 1st. This will include warp pipes and Whomps which is pretty darn cool.

Miitopia – This is a cute little RPG game where you use Mii’s as your party and the enemies. I don’t know how much will be here at all but it’s a cute idea.

World’s End Club – from the creators of the Danganronpa series comes a heavily inspired new game. With some intrigue and mystery, probably child death, probably gonna be an interesting game.

No More Heroes 3 – Now has a release date of August 27th. I have no experience with this series but it looks over the top and dumb. So definitely a bit o’ me.

Tales from the Borderlands – TellTale’s borderlands game, with all 5 episodes is also coming to Switch on March 24. I’ve not played this one but A Wolf Among Us was utterly Brilliant.

Monster Hunter Rise – A new trailer showing off a bunch of monsters and maybe a bit of a story reveal too. I especially liked the Mud Boy that they showed.

Then End!

There were some other announcements and trailers shown but this covers what I was interested in. I personally liked the Nintendo Direct as a whole, there was enough there that I was intersted in. I think there could have been some bigger announcements and more first party stuff, to be fair. Just looking ahead to the eventual Pokemon Anniversary Direct!

What did you think of the Nintendo Direct though? Let us know in the comments!

Nintendo Direct 17-02-21 – The Loooooooong Wait.
Written by Kyle Munn.

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