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Resident Evil 3 Review: Also A Best Remake?

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The Resident Evil 3 remake follows on from the immensely popular remake of Resident Evil 2. It follows suit by being a revamped, retelling of one of gaming’s biggest influences. 

It will be impossible to not compare this game to the Resident Evil 2 remake. So if you don’t like that, sorry! When you have a game from the same franchise, given the same face lift, and using the same game engine, it’s inevitable that there will be a lot of comparisons made.

Gameplay? 9/10 – Retaining everything about the RE2 Remake, added pace, and more focus on action serve the game well.

The gameplay has largely remained the same as RE2. It’s a survival horror game, set in the 3rd person. There are 2 quite significant differences this time around however.

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First they have taken away the character choice and scenario choices when starting a game. There is just one character to choose, with one scenario to play through. This does reduce some of the replayability. You will be following the exact same, single story every time you play. I know the original didn’t have extra characters and things but I think it would have been a good chance to shake it up a bit. Maybe have Carlos get a full campaign to play through as well, as an example.

The second is that they have added new difficulties. Nightmare and Inferno. You unlock Nightmare completing the game on Hardcore. You then unlock Inferno by completing the game on Nightmare. Nightmare makes enemies do more damage and take more to die and it also changes the location of some items and enemies. Inferno takes this, makes enemies even tougher, and then also disables all autosaving. So if you die, you are going back to your last save point.

These difficulties are good additions in my opinion. It’s always good for a game to come with multiple challenges to overcome. I don’t think I’ll ever get to a point where I can complete an inferno playthrough but I would, however, like to at least try a Nightmare one.

Along with these changes, the game has become a bit faster paced. One change that reflects this perfectly is the dodge. Now I don’t know what the general consensus is on the dodge, I personally love it. I think it’s a great inclusion and if nothing else, it makes sense. Of course you would dodge out of the way of a zombie, right? It also comes along with a perfect dodge. When you make a perfect dodge, time is slowed down and you can quickly aim at the enemies head and pop ‘em. It’s really satisfying, especially in boss fights.

There are also challenges, these are called “Records” in the menus. By completing them you will earn points. These points can be spent in the in game store, I think the store only appears once you finish the game once. You can buy a skin for Jill, items that give you buffs. There are buffs like, getting more ammo when mixing, or you can buy hip pouches. Then there are 3 infinite ammo weapons that you can purchase, a pistol, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher. Anything that you buy will appear in the storage box whenever you start the game.

Resident Evil 3 Records

Other than that it’s basically just the same gameplay loop. Get lots of guns. Upgrade them. Blow some heads of some zombies. Kill some weird mutation at some point. Standard Resident Evil you might say.

There’s not much else that’s new or worth talking about.

I really enjoyed my time playing, I really do think that they should have added, either another character, scenarios, or kept mercenaries mode or something similar. The may game just needed more.

Visuals? 9/10 – The RE Engine continues to impress and RE3 Remake is no exception, visually the game is stunning.

Visually this game is stunning. The RE Engine is a goddamn work of art. They have seriously outdone themselves again.

The zombies look as good as they did in RE2, the environments (some of which are the same obviously) still look incredible as well. The one shortcoming I noticed is the same issue with zombies going fuzzy at longer distances exists. A shame but not immersion breaking as it doesn’t happen very often. Mostly just at one point.

In my opinion, the character models look better this time around. Jill especially looks nearly flawless. It’s probably one of my favourite realistic character models in any game. The only one that comes to mind that beats it is maybe Kratos in God of War. The facial expressions are on another level, even than RE2, I cannot get enough of watching Jill interact with any of the other characters. 

Resident Evil 3 Jill train

I will gush more over Jill for sure, but a special shoutout has to go to Carlos’ hair. What a majestic mop that is!

Audio? 8/10 – Despite losing some of the tension and atmosphere found in the RE2 Remake, the game delivers on almost all fronts.

I experienced no audible issues throughout my campaigns. No skips or fuzziness. So there are no problems with the audio.

I think a lot of the audio clips, like the guns, zombies, and especially Nemesis’ voice are pretty spot on.

The biggest issue for me is the fact that the audible tension is not there anymore. I also felt that in RE2 the tension in these confined hallways was tangible, the audio played a big part in this. You don’t get that in RE3, it’s much more open and so feels more empty. Maybe that’s just my opinion but even in the more confined areas, there was never as much of a build up.

I don’t know how this would have been worked in. I can’t think of anywhere, in the current game, that this would have worked. But. There was no “Footsteps” replacement. RE2 had the most stressful footsteps of any game I’ve played. This was an amazing piece of work, there was no equivalent in RE3 and the game does suffer for it.

Resident Evil 3 nemesis

Story? 7/10 – Feeling crammed into one campaign, RE3’s plot suffers in comparison to RE2.

The story for RE3 is set in Racoon City, just like RE2 was, but at different times and from a different perspective. This time you play as Jill Valentine, one of the 2 protagonists from Resident Evil 1. She is in Raccoon City when the zombie outbreak occurs, you follow her through her journey as she tries to escape.

She is beset upon by a huge grotesque monster, Nemesis. Nemesis is hunting down all of the members of STARS, the elite police unit that Jill belongs to. 

Whilst trying to make her escape she is saved by a man named Carlos, he is part of an Umbrella special forces unit sent to evacuate civilians. 

Resident Evil 3 Jill and Carlos

This covers the very start of the game, I’ll stop here before I end up in spoiler territory! Better safe than sorry.

The story is still pretty much Resident Evil-esque, which I went into in my RE2 review. I wouldn’t expect much different really. I will say however that the character interactions within the story are pretty good, and I especially like the way that Carlos and Jill’s interactions are told.

The nice character stories aside, the story isn’t as good as it’s predecessor. The problem is that for all of the cool moments, and the links to RE2’s updated story, some things are under utilised, kinda rushed, or just aren’t followed through enough. This is near impossible to talk about without spoilers, but I’ll try to get my possible.

One of the main criticisms that I’ve seen is the under usage of Nemesis, now I hate to admit it but after playing through the second time, I have to agree. I think he’s a great enemy. For one he looks amazing! I will take nothing away from him there. The problem is that there isn’t enough time spent wandering around the city with him chasing you down. This would have really helped to build the tension whilst also giving the story room to grow in places. 

It’s one of those things, where it’s just a shame. It’s a nice experience it just needed expanding. Alot seems to have been removed from the original, maybe it’s just me but you don’t seem to do half the things you used to. I think the best analogy that I can come up with is. When someone tries to cram 30 hours of gameplay and story into an hour and a half movie. They get the general idea but everything is squashed down and they lose a lot of interesting scenes or plot points. 

Acting? 8/10 – Very few interactions let down what is possibly the best example of voice acting in Resident Evil to date.

This will be mentioned briefly below in the writing as well but I think the character interactions are top notch in this game. They are well written and fit into the story well.

Those 2 things wouldn’t matter at all, unless the voices acting behind them were also up to scratch. Thankfully they are.

The performances in this game are amazing. Jill’s was my absolute favourite, with good reason. I think it’s entirely believable that this young lady has seen some stuff, and is done. She’s done but obviously still cares about innocents, and her determination to fix the problem. Well it oozes all over this performance. 

Resident Evil 3 Jill mirror

This is easily one of my absolute favourite RE collections of voice acting to date. Maybe it is my actual favourite? I’m hard pressed to think of a performance I prefer. Anyway, whatever.

The let down is that there wasn’t more of it. That’s not exactly a bad opinion to have though I suppose. In cases like this, better to not have enough, than have too much.

It boils down to the fact that there only seems to be a few, full conversations between anyone. Now maybe I’m wrong but if you’re in a mess like this and you have radios, you would probably talk to each other a lot more. If for no other reason than to just share information.

There is so much missed potential to really let each of these characters shine. This I think is one of the voice acting’s biggest failings. I accept however that it’s not directly the fault of the voice actors themselves.

Writing? 7/10 – Still falling victim to not wanting to stray to far, the writing is still up to scratch with previous entries.

I said this in the story section but it’s still just a Resident Evil game. The writing and story isn’t overly praise worthy, or award winning. It is still enjoyable though, so don’t get the wrong idea and think that I dislike it.

I also said about them missing opportunities and things and that is very true. I think they fell into the same trap as before, they didn’t want to change too much. This meant that they didn’t change enough. 

I think though, that one area in the writing that RE3 surpasses RE2, is in the character interactions. Specifically I would highlight Jill and Carlos. This is a pair of survivors that I can actually believe. Their interactions feel very real. 

Carlos sometimes comes across as a cheesy machismo, but in an endearing, self aware kind of way. Contrast that with Jill’s very real no nonsense attitude and it makes a delightful pie!

Performance? 9/10 – Other than distance renders looking bad, performance was flawless.

For performance I don’t have much to say. Other than the zombies at a real distance looking bad I had no issues at all.

I did play this on an Xbox One X, so I can’t say whether there would be any issues on a slightly slower system.

These Resident Evil remakes are incredibly well made to my mind. It definitely feels like a lot of effort was put into stability on all fronts, and that effort pays off.

Fun Factor? 9/10 – Aside from the loss of tension, RE3 delivers fun wherever it can, and the addition of more action only helps.

This has the same fun factor as RE2, there are 2 counteracting forces behind this.

The game has lost some of its creepiness and tension. This is undoubtedly a negative. What it did gain however, is faster paced gameplay. This is, in my opinion, a positive. Especially, with the dodging, I love the dodge move. Specifically the perfect dodge that I brought up above. This is incredibly satisfying, especially in a boss fight.

So one down and one up. Seems fair to me. 

It’s a genuinely enjoyable experience and adding in trying to complete all of the challenges, and getting collectables. Not to mention the challenges are the higher difficulties. There’s enough to keep you wanting more, and to keep you engaged.

Value? 7/10 – A far shorter campaign than it’s predecessor and limited replayability make this a harder game to recommend.

For me, this game holds slightly less value than the RE2 remake. It cost around the same, at the £50 mark.

When you do buy the game, you do also get Project Resistance as a bundle, to be fair. Project Resistance for me, is not only a completely separate experience, I don’t think it adds anything to RE3. It’s just kind of there too if you want it.

Project REsistance

Project Resistance by the way, is an asymmetric multiplayer survival game. There are 4 survivors that are trying to escape from a “Mastermind” that has trapped them. The Mastermind is able to spawn enemies, place traps and attack the survivors. The survivors will be playing with the same mechanics as the main game, they will just also get certain abilities. There are objectives that the survivors are trying to complete whilst the Mastermind is trying to stop them.

As I said, in my opinion it doesn’t actually add much value to RE3 as a game. Which I think is where they went wrong for the most part with this package. 

The story in this game is shorter than in RE2 for example. There is only one character and one scenario. It took me just over 4 hours, I think, for my first playthrough. I had a slow run on standard difficulty. So it is a noticeably short game, all things considered.

One thing that they removed that did add a lot of extra replayability in the original, is the live selections. At certain points in the game, there would be a pop up where you could choose one of 2 options. This meant that maybe you would run away, or stand and fight for example. This meant that you could kind of have a different story for each playthrough. I think it’s a shame this was removed, honestly.

That being said, with all of the difficulties, challenges to complete, and collectables I do think there is enough replayability. There is enough to keep you busy and to make you want to play the short story again and again.

How Much Did The Reviewer Enjoy It? 9/10 – With faster paced gameplay and more effective scares, RE3 is a great game. RE2 still stands out as superior between the two titles though.

Overall I enjoyed my time in Resident Evil 3. Even though the slightly faster paced gameplay and more direct jump scares were enjoyable, I can honestly say that I preferred the Resident Evil 2 remake. 

It’s definitely a good game, and a very good remake, it’s just not as good as RE2. There are only a few places that I really think RE2 excels in comparison but there are enough.

With better character models, voice acting, and more believable character interactions RE3 definitely has a lot to offer.

If you liked the RE2 remake, or enjoyed the original RE3, I genuinely think that this will be an enjoyable experience. It’s a must buy for fans of the series in my opinion.

It just loses some of its replayability when compared to RE2. Only having one protagonist, one “scenario”, and no other game modes leaves a smaller experience. That being said, you do get Project Resistance in the bundle. It’s just not core RE, so it doesn’t improve the RE3 experience.

I would definitely recommend this title over all but would have to give this warning.

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