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Scarlet Nexus – Demo Impressions

Scarlet Nexus released a demo on 21st of May. The demo is a timed exclusive on the Xbox, which will release for PlayStation on the 28th. With the main game coming pretty soon on the 25th of June. As an Anime style, hack ‘n’ slash, psychic powered game, you know this is pretty up my alley.

I was already pretty excited for this game so I jumped on that demo straight away. I will say though, I’m not a fan of exclusive/time/early demos or content in gaming. This is a general rule for me, if it’s multiplatform, make things like demos even. In their defense, this is significantly less egregious than the full exclusive extra demo for Resident Evil Village.

To set expectations right away, it was a pretty short demo. That being the case, this is likely to be a bit of a shorter article too.

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Whatcha doin’?

The Scarlet Nexus demo has a small portion of the beginning of the full game, so it seems. Subject to change, as you’d expect from any kind of demo. You can choose between two playable characters: Yuito and Kasane. The demo encompases a tutorial and what seems to be the first mission of the game. Which takes you through some city streets, fighting monsters known as Others, ending in a boss fight.

This boss fight itself actually was pretty good. It was a much tougher enemy than you’d faced previously, and made use of the area and your psychic powers by bringing huge objects down on the monster’s back. It was a pretty good first boss fight all things considered. The small cutscene afterwards where another member of the same organisation obliterates it is also neat.

Traveling through the city, you see that things aren’t going so well. With it deserted, dilapidated, and infested with Others. You’re part of a team that is working to stop the Other infestation. You seem to have a captivated audience, in the form drones buzzing around you, acting as news casters.

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It’s not a super long demo in all honesty. It gives a decent sense about the initial state of the combat and some of the combinations, but doesn’t give much of a look, feel, or impression of what the end game combat might be.

One would assume there might be other party members, with different abilities, maybe different weapons, and upgrades. I can’t say for sure from just this trailer though. I’m aware that you can level at least your character up, leading me to believe there is at least some kind of progression. I am hopeful though overall.

Like it?

Honestly yeah, I like it quite a lot. It looks pretty, the animations are clear, and the combat is pretty fast paced. It feels like an Anime version of Devil may Cry, with psychic powers of course. Kind of like Pychonauts meets Devil May Cry, you might say.

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The combos are pretty good, which is a necessity for this type of game, and the mixing between weapons and psychic powers is pretty seamless. During combat all it takes is a press or hold of a button to include both in a combo. So long as you have the “energy” you seem to be able to do it endlessly. There are more special targets too, that do much more damage, with a bit more flair. Giving you a freeze frame and almost a quick time event. The things that you can do this with are slightly bigger, like a telephone pole.

You can also gain the power of your teammates too, basically supplementing your own powers with theirs. For example with pyrokinesis, adding a fiery trail behind each of your blade swings. Not to mention a cheeky little fire tornado as a combo finisher. It is really quite a spectacle. Another ability being teleportation, which has uses in and out of battle. In battle, it makes you teleport around during combos, I could be wrong but seems to help with avoiding damage as well. Outside of battle though, it can let you slip through barriers and fences to get some goodies.

Frankly speaking, based on the limited time in the demo, I am excited. The combat is fast and continuous, the graphics are good, designs are interesting, and the effects are dope. The whole package so far has my interest thoroughly piqued.

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