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Should I start Kingdom Hearts in 2021?

Yes you should start Kingdom Hearts.

That’s the whole article. Done. Go home. We’re finished.

Ok, well the slightly longer answer is as of this article posting, there’s never been a better time to start. There was a time when Kingdom Hearts was either locked on PlayStation for the mainline and locked with Nintendo for the weird spin offs.

That’s no longer the case fortunately, with the 75th Remix editions bringing the games up to the now previous generation. But that’s not all. Kingdom Hearts 3 upon its release was brought over to the Green for the first time in the series. Then what followed was all of the Final Mixes being brought over too and subsequently being added to Game Pass. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, the series is making its debut on PC, as an Epic Game Store exclusive.

What of it?

I guess I’ll just get right to the point here then. With Kingdom Hearts being so widely available now, there’s nothing stopping you anymore. Now is the perfect time to start Kingdom Hearts. If you have an Xbox, Playstation, and now even a PC you can play this incredible series.

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I mean, I actually think that it should be drafted as a law, that every 2 years. Without exception. Every person should be required to play through the Kingdom Hearts series. Until I become Prime Minister and make this happen though, I’ll be content with this here article.

But, like, why?

Well, because I said so. That’s why. 

But seriously?

The real reason is because it’s a great series. Literally anyone and everyone that hasn’t already should start Kingdom Hearts today. 

Kingdom Hearts 2 especially has been on my list of favourite games since I first played it on the PS2. The updated Final Mix version is just a pretty sizable improvement on that.

I recently wrote about how I think the Critical Mode difficulty in KH2, is probably the best “hard difficulty” in any game. It being the most balanced, challenging, and rewarding. I also did a whole Gem Vault article for Kingdom Hearts 2 as well. Really, maybe just read both of those, to help convince yourself it’s the right move.

What I haven’t written a specific article about, but have mentioned in the others, is the gameplay. Frankly speaking, other than maybe the Souls-Bourne series, Kingdom Hearts probably has my favourite action RPG gameplay. From the way the choosing of “classes” works, to the leveling, the powers, and most importantly the combat.

kingdom hearts 2 sephi and cloudy

The combat especially in Kingdom Hearts is really good. Taking a decent mix of magic, skills, combos, and different forms makes the combat varied and exciting. There’s also plenty of fan service, with the Final Fantasy inclusions and Disney. Not to mention some pretty tough extra boss fights like Sephiroth.

Where’s the best place to play?

This is entirely subjective, some people are Sony diehards and others the same for Xbox. Controllers, consoles, and pricing can all play a pretty major part in your decision. For me, my PS4 is the only console I’ve ever had that just stopped working, and I hate the Dualshock 4. However, I love my Xbox’s and the Xbox Elite Series 2 is the best controller I’ve ever used. So for me, Xbox is the obvious choice. 

PC will also be very viable for me, I have a 2070 Super and an I7, so that’ll work. I can also connect my Elite Series 2 to my PC too, so double points there too. Seeing as it literally came out on PC today, I haven’t tried there yet as of writing this. It is hard to imagine a remaster of a PS2 game wouldn’t run well on any mid-tier PC though.

Let’s talk about price though because there is a big disparity in pricing across the platforms. Firstly, the initial collections for Kingdom Hearts on PS are much older and much cheaper. There are also a couple of extra collections that contain even more. Like the “Story So Far” and the “All-in-One”. The All-in-One collection contains literally all of the Kingdom Hearts games, from Kingdom Hearts 1 up to Kingdom Hearts 3. All of this can be bought for around £30, on Amazon for example.

critical mode abilities

Xbox also has a really good offer for you though, Game Pass. Both Kingdom Hearts collections and Kingdom Hearts 3 all on Game Pass Console. If you have an Xbox, and already have Game Pass, you can basically just download the whole series for free.

This is where the PC lags, each collection and game costs from £40 and up on the Epic Game Store.

The end.

Honestly there isn’t much of a conclusion to be had here. I tell you to play something because I love it. Then you either do or you don’t.  I’m not your mother, I can’t make you play Kingdom Hearts. To be sure though, if I were your mother, I would force you too. Be warned.

Anyway, if anyone does choose to start Kingdom Hearts after reading this, let us know! Maybe even give us some of your thoughts about the games on our Twitter or Facebook!

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