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What the f**k Minecraft?

Minecraft has sold a few copies since its initial release in 2011. It’s sold at least 3 anyway. Frequently in lists it’s either the first or second best selling game of all time. The exact number of sales across all platforms and iterations is unclear. That being said, it does seem to be clear that it’s sold over 200 million copies. That’s alotta Minecraft!

Here’s the premise for this piece. Minecraft is not a good game, it’s just not. Or at least, it’s not anymore I guess. For today’s standards it has shallow gameplay, bad graphics, soundtrack, and a bad to non-existent story. Of note is that Zack disagreed with me here but he’s wrong, so there. If we were to give it a score here on SAG – using our usual review format – it would barely scrape a 25/100. Now that’s a pretty bleak outlook on any game but it’s pretty accurate. 

(Worth mentioning that we usually ditch the standard format for games that don’t really fit, like Destruction AllStars, FIFA, Call of Duty, etc. Minecraft would probably be one of those)

So then, why do I and the rest of the world love Minecraft so much?

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Maybe this is anticlimactic for an article like this but I just don’t know. There’s not a single thing that I can point to and say “this is why it’s good”. I can’t find a single thing to pinpoint that makes it a market leader. There’s just nothing special about Minecraft, when you look at it objectively. It doesn’t do anything better than other games.

Yet despite everything I f**king love Minecraft.

Take this recent weekend for example, myself (27) and my 2 friends (both 28) spent the entire Sunday playing Minecraft. With no goals, plans, hopes, and almost entirely separately. We were all building on the same mountaintop and that was the only connection. Yet we all had a blast, it was one of the most enjoyable and chill Sundays I’ve had in a while. We’ve even spent a couple of evenings this week continuing our little escapades. I even played Monster Hunter Stories 2 over the weekend, yet I still thought about Minecraft a lot. 

There are plenty of games that I can wile away the hours on, I’ve done it so many times. There’s just something different about how Minecraft makes you feel whilst you waste your time. I’ve never had a game just literally shut my entire brain off, not even checking my phone. Missing untold messages from my other half and just not caring. I’M BUSY CRAFTING DAMMIT!

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The funniest part about this is that it will never happen again. There won’t be a ‘Minecraft 2‘ that surpasses the reach, or any similar game that matches the serenity. For all the money, man power, technology, and expertise that Microsoft has, they can’t replicate this. Technically ‘better’ games, that have similar but better gameplay, better graphics and soundtracks, and everything in between, just can’t compete.

Games like Ark, which is wildly popular, Rust, Dragon Quest Builders, Grounded and many, many more. They all fill the same space but with their own twist, all good games, all better games than Minecraft, none can match the king.

For some reason Minecraft is an anomaly, it reigns supreme despite all of its shortcomings. Despite all of its flaws and emptiness there’s not a game more calming or enjoyable to date.

I’m big enough to admit that this was a bit of a waste of an article. I just cannot comprehend Minecraft in any way, shape, or form and I needed to share this. You’re welcome.

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