Zack’s 6 Top Video Game Weapons

Weapons are in many ways the tools that allow us to experience games to their fullest. Conduits for our enjoyment, if you will. This is a list of my top video game weapons from six through to my top pick!

There are many games, rare as they are, that don’t require the use of weapons. However they are FAR outweighed by the games that do, and I’m here to give you my pick of the bunch.

Let me make clear that this isn’t a “most iconic” weapons list, so you won’t be seeing the Buster Sword or the Master Sword on here. While we may do that list here at some point in the future, we’re all about getting to know us as writers, and people, so my personal 6 favorite weapons seemed much more interesting!

Without further ado, let’s get started on my top video game weapons!

6: The Solus Greatsword – Fable: The Lost Chapters

A high res image of the Solus Greatsword does not exist, but someone pretty faithfully created it in Skyrim. So here.

Not many people know this, but Fable was my first proper RPG. Even to this day, RPG as a genre is something I rarely have time for. Fable however gave it to me in a bitesize package of around 20 hours, which is perfect for me! 

If you aren’t aware, Fable is set in a world called Albion. Albion, despite its glowing history, is a dangerous and not particularly pleasant place by the time your story starts. Finding yourself as a part of the “Heroes’ Guild” by way of your entire town being murdered, you become the titular “Hero”.

There are a bunch of cool weapons throughout the game, and despite the fact that the Sword of Aeons is the one that causes all the narrative trouble, it’s actually the Solus Greatsword that sticks with me. See, at one stage through your journey you’ll gain access to Bowerstone North, the posher and apparently VIP only, northern section of Bowerstone (obviously). In the shop here, you’ll be able to buy the Solus Greatsword for 70,000 gold. 

Not a small amount of gold in Fable terms, but the Solus Greatsword was unique in that it could be purchased at all! It’s only equal in terms of damage, the Bereaver, was stuck behind a Demon Door that required you to give up all of your Silver Keys to access, a bit of a pain as you don’t get them back. Via exploiting or helping the kind folk around Albion, 70,000 gold isn’t unachievable by any means, and grants you access to the joint most powerful melee weapon in the whole game. 

Interestingly, and with a bit more work, you could get your hands on the sword by marrying and courting the murderous Mayor of the town, Lady Grey. Essentially, in true Fable kind, you offer her gifts and uncomfortably flirt until she sleeps with you. At this point, Lady Grey will actually give you the Sword! It costs time, and a little dignity, but hey at least the option is there right? 

The Solus Greatsword itself is rather appealing visually, and when augmented will absolutely wreck the unfortunate fools who try and murder you. It’s overpowered, easy to obtain, and damn cool to look at. What more could you want?

5: Gnasher Shotgun – Gears of War franchise.

I know, I know. Usually on these lists of “top video game weapons”, you see the Doom shotgun right? On a similar note, if I was going to pick a weapon from Gears of War, surely it’d be the Lancer? You know, the assault rifle that handily comes attached with a chainsaw?

Yes, the Doom shotgun is awesome. Yes the Lancer is amazing in such a ridiculous way. 

But the Gnasher? Never before did such an aggressively violent gun appeal to me on such a primal level. Throughout the Gears franchise there are two mainstays. The Lancer, and the Gnasher. They are the weapons that accompany you by default through the intense multiplayer, and they will most likely be your companions through each campaign. 

Get close enough to an enemy, and the Gnasher will instagib your opponent. It’s glorious and empowering. I’m talking chunks of their body flying apart as you unload the full force of a pump action shotgun into the general region of their chest. I’m not a violent person, I promise.

Similarly, it also offers the highest skill cap and some of the most intense firefights in the Gears of War multiplayer. There’s a certain rush when two people are blasting their Gnasher at each other, while strafing and wall bouncing (not that I was particularly good at wall bouncing mind). It’s almost unmatched, especially in third person shooters. Gears has always been a visceral franchise, there’s no doubt.

The Gnasher? It’s almost certainly the peak of that attitude that the series is famed for. 

4: Ludwig’s Holy Blade – Bloodborne

Okay I have to make a confession. I’m a sucker for overpowered weapons. It’s not just a problem, it’s a personality trait at this point. Fact is, even though I’m surprisingly pretty good at it, Bloodborne is a hard game. I’m not ever going to turn down an opportunity to make it easier. 

Plus, let’s be real. Ludwig’s Holy Blade is dope. Arguably the greatest example of Bloodborne’s “trick weapon” mechanic, where weapons can have two forms. Normally it’s a quick and nimble sword, but sheathing it turns it into an obnoxiously large greatsword. What’s not to love?

It’s generated a certain… disdain amongst the hardcore Bloodborne community. This is because, without much argument, it’s the single most effective weapon in the game. When upgraded properly it does a frankly absurd amount of damage, it’s unsheathed form is quick and lands combos fast, and it’s sheathed greatsword form has almost unfair reach and an unreal potential to stagger bosses. I have used other weapons in Bloodborne, I’m not quite a one trick pony or anything, but I’ve yet to use a weapon that feels as gratifying and universally useful as Ludwig’s Holy Blade.

Bloodborne is unique in that almost any weapon in the game is viable when used correctly. Ludwig’s Holy Blade also isn’t available at the start of the game so you’ll have to use something else until you get your mitts on it. 

With all this in mind? The Holy Blade is fun, powerful, effective, and not particularly complex to upgrade or spec for. It’s perfect for a newbie to the game, and forever useful to a hardcore player. 

It’s fantastic.

3: Tyranitar – The Pokemon Franchise

Listen I don’t care what you say about “Pokemon are supposed to be friends and companions, not weapons”. That may be the entire ethical debate of the series, but at the end of the day every single Pokemon video game revolves around a trust fund 10 year old (seriously what 10 year old do you know with a cool 3 grand?) going out into the world and beating down less fortunate souls and taking their money. With whatever Pokemon they deem most effective.

Which is where I come in. As I stated previously, I’m a sucker for overpowered things, especially when it comes to my “top video game weapons”. This extends into the Pokemon universe as well. I know, I’m relentless. What can I say?

To put it simply, Tyranitar is a dinosaur. Not only that, but it’s a dinosaur who can alter entire geographical locations when it gets a little testy. This is extremely my jam. It’s first form, Larvitar, grows by eating soil, usually a whole mountain’s worth. It’s second form, Pupitar, moves around via a biological jetpack, and can generate enough force to knock down said mountain.

As I mentioned, Tyranitar is a little OP right? This is mostly due to the fact it belongs to the Pseudo-Legendary family. This is a small group of regular pokemon that have a base stat total of 600. There are 9 of these pokemon, and only 2 of them aren’t part Dragon, with Tyranitar and Metagross being the exceptions to this rule. 

The thing they all have in common? In general, they all only become available in the later stages of the game, and take a ton of effort to level up and train. 

Ironically Tyranitar, despite its remarkably high Attack, Defense, and HP stats, actually has some criminal weaknesses. Being Rock/ Dark, it’s hugely vulnerable to Fighting types, and also weak to Ground, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass, and Fairy. This makes him slightly less viable than other Pseudo’s competitively, if you’re that way inclined. 

In terms of the single player though? You really can’t go wrong, and he’s certainly my favorite Pokemon. He was the second ever Pseudo-Legendary after Dragonite, and I’ve just got a soft spot for the huge green lizard boi.

Fun fact before we move on? Tyranitar is the only Pseudo-Legendary that isn’t used by an end game boss in the video games. 

2: M6D Pistol – Halo: Combat Evolved

Ah Halo: Combat Evolved. Somehow, someway, you’ll probably find your way onto all of my lists. It’s a real problem I know, but this time at least it’s warranted. Also, Halo: Combat Evolved should be mentioned everywhere, and I won’t hear an argument against it. 

See the M6D Pistol is notoriously powerful. 

It’s 100% the most reliable weapon in the game, and essentially a necessity on higher difficulties. Even on Legendary difficulty, the M6D Pistol could one shot a Hunter if you shot it in it’s exposed mid section. It would one shot the honestly terrifying Flood Combat Forms if you hit a critical shot. Also, it was notably crucial for finishing off Covenant Elites.

It also has a fancy 2x scope that is linked to a soldier’s HUD, enabling this mammoth of a pistol to be used at extended ranges.

Not only that, but it was lethal in multiplayer as well, two body shots and a headshot would be enough to finish an enemy Spartan, making its kill time embarrassingly low, especially on PC.

Even Jason Jones, the project lead stated:

“I added code specifically, when the map was loaded, to change a single number on the pistol” & “I will take credit and blame for the pistol in Halo”

When even the project lead is debating the power of a handgun, you just know you’re onto something special. 

The M6D Pistol is a weapon that has survived the ages, with stories of its power still circulating in the FPS communities, and not without reason. An absolute staple of the game, the Halo: CE pistol is damn iconic and obviously a personal favorite of mine.

1: Leviathan Axe – God of War (2018)

Ugh this hurts. A weapon from inside the last 2 years has overtaken Halo, Fable, and Pokemon. What is the world coming to?

I mentioned in my God of War review that the Leviathan Axe that Kratos wields in this epic PS4 exclusive, would quite possibly top the list of my favorite video game weapons, and I decided to test this theory. 

Here we are, it’s at the top. 

Fact is, this magnificent frost axe channels some of the finest weapon actions you’ll find in a modern game. Not only this, but it harbours a damn near perfect “return to sender” mechanic if you will, which is very obviously (and confirmed by the story) designed to mimic that of Mjolnir, Thor’s trusty hammer.

God of War_20200512160721

Throw the axe, with either a light or heavy swing, and it’ll fly in the direction you’ve decided. At the press of a button, the weapon will fly back into Kratos’ palm. It can damage enemies on both the throw, and the return path, and each hit and recovery will initiate some very satisfying haptic feedback.

It’s hard to describe, but the Leviathan Axe just feels good. You can sense the heft of it, the balance. You can detect every hit and miss, and the vibration of it when it lands back into your hand. It’s magnificent.

Not only that, but the damn thing is gorgeous. Covered in runes, and an awesome ice effect when attacking things with it, the axe is a looker and then some. Add in a very welcome helping of backstory and lore, and the Leviathan Axe is everything you need in a weapon.

Outside of the throwing actions, you have upgradeable “Runic Attacks” that you can find out in the world and equip to the axe, one heavy, and one light. Each one dishes out a tremendous amount of hurt, with many of them offering passive effects like freezing, or booping up into the air for more combos.

The Leviathan Axe is one of the few things in video games, where I wouldn’t change it even if I could. It’s just that good.

Well that about covers it for this article covering my top video game weapons! It was a harder list to rank than I thought it would be, but I stand by it.

What weapons would you put into this list? What would make it onto your top video game weapons?

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